Saturday, November 5, 2011

Adventure (#7)

This past Sunday President and Sister Mecham (the Micronesia Guam Mission President) joined us for Sunday meetings. Prior to their speaking in our Sacrament meeting Sister Johnsen and I were on the program for a special musical number. President Kesolei had asked us to sing “Brightly Beams our Father’s Mercy”. So we began with a two minute introduction describing Boyd K. Packer’s harrowing experience trying to make it through an opening in a reef on a dark stormy night with no lower light to guide them. We had no accompanist so we sang unaccompanied, but it sounded great anyway. After our sacrament meeting ended I took President and Sister Mecham to the group meeting held at the south end of Koror conducted by the Koror elders. We arrived in time for him to make some closing remarks. They then joined us at our apartment for a quick snack before we had to leave for our next appointment.

We had a new short term member come to church on Sunday, Geoffrey Ewing from San Antonio, Texas. He is a doctor and has come on island to work with the Ministry of Health. They are trying to see what they can do about the betel nut addiction problem. Mitch Hibbard, who is a doctor too, and will be here for 6 months, is also working with them to help solve this health issue, and also travels around the island serving the people as a doctor. He worked in the granite records vault in Salt Lake after his mission and told us some very unique and interesting stories. President Kesolei and I gave Bro. Ewing a blessing at the Koror Hospital later this week, he’s developed a case of pneumonia.

Our work this past week has been mainly in our apartment. We were in the building during Young Women on Wednesday. The YW Presidency wasn’t there and we were asked to be in charge of the activity. We had to think of something very quickly. Then on Thursday Sister Johnsen was asked to come up with a spiritual thought for seminary. There was no advanced warning. Sister Johnsen thought she would work on a Young Women’s file for Wednesday night activities and a spiritual thought file. Meanwhile I’ve been working on a sacrament meeting planning file for the new branch presidency which was reorganized last week by President Mecham.

I discovered from our active members that there are numerous changes needed on the branch roster, so far we’ve removed 20 names but there are still 85 families that we can’t find. Now we have to try to find them when there are no street addresses. It is challenging but fun because we are helping the branch president with the branch list.

This week, Sister Johnsen taught three 90 minute drama classes at the high school with Bro. Carlson who is an English teacher there. There was no air conditioning in his second story classroom so you can probably imagine how sweaty we were by the end of the day. The hit was student groups performing Goldilocks and the 3 bears, the 3 pigs, and little red riding hood.

I went with the 4 young Elders on Monday to a waterfall and then found out the youth were going on Saturday and they wanted both of us to go with them. So I went to the same waterfall twice this week.
We also found out that we are to do a car inspection and an apartment inspection every transfer. Since this was a transfer week we did the cars, but will wait to do the apartments until the next transfer since the other Elders live more than an hour away.

We have included some pictures from our hike today but unfortunately the ones of the waterfall didn’t come out because I got too close to the swimmers and got my camera all wet.

It is pouring rain outside and our power is off. We could have a romantic evening together if we had a candle! Luckily I have a headlamp flashlight that Sister Johnsen used on her head to finish the project she was doing. We could open our fast but we are hungry, and we don’t have any power to cook anything. This is my idea of an ADVENTURE!

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