Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Magnifying our Calling Without Getting Bugged! (#27)

Elder Johnsen had an idea for the perfect object lesson on magnifying callings. Unfortunately, Sister Johnsen was not as carefully informed as she might have been which led to some scary moments for her.

Elder Johnsen went out on the patio and found a nice big bug for his lesson to the teenagers for Sunday School. He didn’t want to smash it because he wanted to put it under the magnifying glass and let them look at how much better they could see it when it was enlarged.

He carefully placed it in an envelope, and brought it into the back entry way and put it on the table. Shortly afterwards, during breakfast, Sister Johnsen heard a sound coming from the next room. She got up and tried to discover what it was. It sounded like water dripping from the ceiling or coming down inside the walls, but she couldn’t see anything. Elder Johnsen who doesn’t hear as well, and especially not since he had the problem with his ear, continued to eat his breakfast. Sister Johnsen was a little scared and couldn’t discover the source of the sound. After some coaxing, Elder Johnsen finally got up to see what it was. Unfortunately he still couldn’t hear it. Finally he put his ear down close to the table and realized that his bug was trying to scratch his way out of the envelope. He doused the poor exhibit with some bug spray and that should have been the end of our bug story…but NO.

Of course, he had to tell that story to his Sunday school class while the dead bug was still safely in the envelope, but as he was telling the story he brought the envelope up close to his ear and told the class to be very quiet and they could hear what the scratching sounded like . . . the room got very quiet as he held the envelope with the flap down and started scratching the envelope (making the same sound that had frightened Sister Johnsen) and on cue the big dead bug dropped from the envelope unto the demonstration table—you should have heard the young women scream! We don’t know if they will remember how Jacob magnified his calling from the Lord (Jacob 1: 17-19), but we’re sure they will remember how Elder Johnsen magnified the bug in Palau!

We were invited to Koror Elementary school on Friday to watch the kids do their native Palauan dances and songs. It was fun to watch, and we sat with several members. While we were there, Elder Adams called about something and heard the loud music. When Elder Johnsen told him where we were he said, “And that’s missionary work?” We know! Sometimes our work is just so hard! But Elder Johnsen says that when we are out in public with our white shirts and our name tags we are showing people that we are just regular people and we become more accessible and approachable.

Also we will be working with the kids at Koror Elementary school for the rest of the school year and the members who invited us thought we ought to mingle with the students. As we were leaving Sister Johnsen asked one of the women if her head piece was made of real flowers, and the women gave it to her. It smelled so beautiful, and looked pretty nice too.

The next 3 Friday nights are scheduled. This Friday is the quarterly Institute party which Elder Johnsen named, “Spring Fling.” We have no idea what we are going to be “flinging” during this party, but we have all week to figure it out.

Next Friday night is our big open house and we have had several meeting with the Branch Council to plan it. One member who works for the radio station has let us have a 45 second commercial which runs three times a day for the next two weeks. Grand total: $5. Really!

On the next Friday, we will have our First Friday Flicks where we will show our 3 ½ hour movie, “The Ten Commandments.” How much popcorn do you have to pop to last 3 ½ hours? Stayed tuned and we will tell you!

Just out here in Palau trying to “MAGNIFY” our callings and a few insects while we are at it!

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  1. When I want a smile and a laugh, I read your blog. Such a joy!! I miss both of you and EJ's popcorn.