Monday, June 18, 2012

Divine Positioning (#40)

Have you ever experienced the blessing of Divine Positioning? Sometimes the Lord seems to find a way of putting people in the right place at the right time to accomplish His purposes.   This week was filled with examples of that Power:

We’ve been spending more time in the Palau Community College Library lately because Sister Johnsen has been checking out books to share with two of her piano students.  Several of those books were due at the library, and so while Elder Johnsen was double parked outside,  Sister Johnsen ran in to drop off the nearly overdue books.  Having successfully completed that mission she glanced over at the newspaper rack, and decided to stop and look over the paper.  Since Elder Johnsen was waiting in the car and not even in a legitimate parking spot, this was not something Sister Johnsen would ordinary do. After reading for a couple of minutes, Sister Johnsen decided she really had to get back to the car and left the library. As she walked down the sidewalk, a young college student said, “Hello, Sister.” By the time Sister Johnsen realized what the girl had said, they had past each other. Then Sister Johnsen turned around and so did the girl. Sister Johnsen asked the young woman if she was a member of the church, and it turned out that she was. She introduced herself to Sister Johnsen, and said that her name was Audrey and she had just moved to Palau from Chuuk to begin school.   Sister Johnsen got her contact information and we were able to arrange a ride for her to church on Sunday. If Sister Johnsen had not stopped to read the paper, she would not have passed Audrey on her way into the library. We think it was Divine Positioning.

Tuesday night Elder Johnsen and President Kesolei made their usual visits to members.  Their first stop was to the Remasch residence where it turned out that the grandmother, Caron,  was celebrating her birthday and there were about 5 other less active families gathered to celebrate with her. President Kesolie and Elder Johnsen were able to wish her well and also deliver their message to a wider audience than was originally anticipated.  Another case of Divine Positioning.

Later that evening President Kesolei asked Elder Johnsen where they should go for their last visit. Into Elder Johnsen’s mind popped the name Lomisang. He is an inactive member of the church.   After thinking of him, they headed over.   As they visited,  Lomisang told them that just before they had arrived he had picked up his scriptures to read. He also told them that he had experienced a spiritual experience as they visited the grave of his son who died in Afghanistan several years before.  On Memorial Day they had attended a service that was held at the grave site.  The minister who was supposed to have given the opening prayer was late, and Lomisang said that the  person who was conducting asked him if he would say the prayer—he was nervous but said he would—he told them that as he opened his mouth to pray that the words to say just poured into his mind.  He told Elder Johnsen and President Kesolei that he didn’t think it was a coincidence that they just happened to stop in to see him—he feels that the Lord has been working on him to get him to come back.  Another instance of Divine Positioning.

For the past several weeks Sister Johnsen has been trying to arrange a piano lesson with Rilang who just returned from a mission to Australia.  Since her return she has been so busy that she’s had no time to pursue her own personal goal of learning to play the piano.  Earlier this week Elder and Sister Johnsen were up at the church while Elder Johnsen was working on finding a solution to a financial problem related to a 2011 financial transaction that was “sent” but not “cleared.”  Sister Johnsen was waiting for another piano student, who was late.  Just then who should come by the church—you guessed it, Rilang.  She was coming up to the church to use the computer to do some translation work—instead she finally got the piano lesson that she had long desired.  Her lesson finished just as the originally scheduled piano student arrived.   Does the Lord really care about whether a faithful returned missionary achieves her personal goals?  Apparently He does and he also gave us the opportunity to experience the blessing of Divine Positioning.  

Sunday night Elder Johnsen and the YM president were out teaching one of our less active members and stopped by another member residence on the way home to check on them.  The mother was sitting out on her porch—she had been praying that someone would come by and help with her son.  After hearing the story and finding out where her son was, Elder Johnsen and the YM president drove over to the Branch President’s home and told him the story—he went out and found the YM and challenged him to go home and straighten up. They were at the right place at the right time and the Lord was able to answer this mother’s prayers through Divine Positioning.  

In Elder Johnsen’s Sunday School lesson this past week there is a record of both Alma the Younger’s and Amulek’s account of how an angel of the Lord appeared to them and arranged for a Divine Positioning meeting which resulted in Amulek helping with the Lord’s work in Ammohnihah.  Almost every student in the class had a story of how they have also seen the Lord prepare a way for them or someone else to help do his work or answer the prayers of another person.   

Finally, we included a picture that we took of Sister Johnsen this week which does not involve Divine Positioning,  but in which she is positioned divinely to enjoy a dinner at the Sea Passion Hotel.  We hope all of you are positioned just where the Lord needs you to be to accomplish His purposes.  

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