Monday, July 16, 2012

Paint, Presentation, Parties and Piles of Paper - We are Pooped! (#44)

We started the week out bright and early on Tuesday morning by working with the 4 Elders on painting the church building.  President Kesolie said that the paint we found in the shed in 5 gallon buckets could be used, given away or thrown out, so we decided to see what we could do to touch up the peeling paint on our building.  When we opened our second 5 gallon bucket we found paint that matched the paint on the building.  The fresh coat of paint has made a big difference. The six of us worked for 2 hours  so that totaled 12 man hours! We are pleased.  Then, of course, we had to go back the next day and touch up the places we missed that took another 4 man hours.  

We had to prepare for the upcoming presentations at our senior conference, so we wrote some of the presentations, finished up others and reviewed all of them. We felt ready to go by the end of the week, which was a good thing, because our time was up!

We started to clean out and organize President Kesolie’s church office, (because he asked us to do it)  after reviewing the church’s document retention guidelines we learned that we were to save the present year plus three years past, but we were not to throw out any membership records that were not checked.  We sorted the records into two piles, members that live in Palau and members that have moved.   Elder Johnsen sat for hours at the computer checking old records of people that are in Palau to ensure that the computer (MLS) has correct information and Sister Johnsen continued sorted through the office and brought Elder Johnsen more and more piles of papers. We had a huge stack of papers to bring Guam with us of members who have moved off island.

Even though we had been so busy all week, we had a party/movie on our calendar for the 8-12 year olds and so we prepared food and got the projector and set up a bed sheet on our patio deck outside.  We ate dinner, treats and popcorn and watched Nim’s Island with the kids from 5 to 8 on Friday night.

After our party ended we cleaned up, rested until midnight and caught our 2:30 AM flight to Guam to begin our week at the senior conference. We came a day early because Sister Johnsen was singing in the Dededo ward and needed to practice with the accompanist. As it turned out the person couldn’t play and Sister J felt so grateful that she brought her music player with all her accompaniments to play “An Instrument in His Hands” because the theme was Missionary Work.  The song was a  beautiful addition to the sacrament meeting.  Our Sabbath ended at the mission president’s home where he and Sister Mecham hosted a dinner for all the Senior Elders and Sister who had arrived in Guam for our Senior Conference.  
It has been a P . .P . .P . .P . . Pretty frantic week, but we love being pooped from doing work that needs to be done.  

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  1. There is always so much to do!! But every single thing you are doing sounds like it will have a huge and lasting effect on the lives of the people you are serving. It is exciting to know that the stones of service that you are throwing into the metaphorical pond will have a ripple effect that is much larger than you can imagine. Keep up the good work!! We are all thinking and praying for your continued health, success, and energy!!